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Press article La Tribune about the TV show « La semaine des 4 julie»

Semaine des 4 Julie


Tribune Demi Final


Newcast by ICI Estrie following their performance at the first Urban Highline Competition in Mexico City on February 10, 2018. 

​Thank-you to Annie Corriveau and the whole team of ICI Estrie for this nice presentation!

La Tribune

Participation at the opening of «La place de la Traversée de Val-des-Sources.»


Video Radio Canada 

Guinness World Record Val-des-sources, 1,9 Km


Article l'Étincelle

Article  The Record 

Festival international d'amuseur public Chapo

Article LA Revue

17 juillet 2017

Anthony and Guillaume won first and second place to the only international trick bounce competition, the 4th Shenxianju Highline Festival in China, next to their idol Sam Volery. 

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