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Guillo wish to share is passion for circus in various field. His breathtaking, original and funny and prestation will please everyone.

  • Wedding

  • Business party

  • Streetshow

  • Festival -carnaval

  • School

  • Tv show

  • Circus compagnie

  • Surprise me with your project!



Here I am (8 to 15 minutes)


« Every night, it's the same: cleaning in this theatre. Ahh, but if only I could also make those hearts laugh and dance in the room. »

Enter the world of a dreamy concierge, who spends his free time defying emptiness, balancing on his rope.

With breathtaking technics, wrapped in a funny and poetic atmosphere, this number is a breeze of soft lightness.

Qui se balance 

(40 minutes)

“Qui se Balance” is a circus show for all audiences. Using his precious clothing collection, the artist takes us on a journey to the heart of his universe. In a spirit of play and lightness, he metamorphoses in different characters with the most comical qualities. A gentle nod to the different masks we put on to navigate our daily lives.

Pushing the limits of the imaginable with disciplines such as slacklining, juggling, acrobatic dance and music, let yourself be amazed by Guillo's prowess and luminous universe.

IMG_0641 (1).jpg

Underpants in the Wind     

(40 minutes)


« Damn, late again. Not only late, but my suit stays wet from the last brew. I'm not ready for the number.. what do I do?? Hoping that the wind will agree to dry my clothes… »


Fun, wacky, and impressive, this act is for family. In his own universe, Guillo takes you to a world where the reasonable is balanced on a rope, and more often than not, he tips over into innocence.

It's winter (30 minutes adaptable)


Missing your plane to go to warm countries is never fun, whatever... There is still a lot of fun to have with Quebec winter. Celebrate with Guillo the joy of winter and the magical energy of the cold in a fun, festive, and icy number (yes, shivers guaranteed! ).

Quay Package-5 --.jpg
The boxer (7minutes)
“I will show you what I am capable of”
A crazy boxer in his own fighting universe. A fierce fighter with a tender heart.  This absurd number will make you smile. 
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